What I do

Scenario A:  You have an amazing idea for a new business.  You’ve hired a lawyer, created an LLC, registered a domain name, and put together a business plan (yes, bar napkins count), and now you need marketing material.  Sure, you have a BA (or a BS, depending) or an MBA or maybe even a PhD.  You’ve written academic papers or lengthy internal memos, but you need this idea to go wide, to go long, to hit home - and you can’t find the right words.  Your business needs stronger words, words with more punch, more pizazz.   That's when you call me.  I’m a writer.  A poet (don’t laugh).  I know words.  I can translate your ideas into language that your audience will understand.  Your idea may take off - buy you season basketball tickets or put your kids through college or make you an overnight millionaire - but only if you sell it.  


Scenario B: You have to speak at a VERY IMPORTANT occasion.  Your mind tumbles with ideas and anecdotes, but you can't get them onto the page.  Or, your mind is a desert littered with tumbleweeds, and you suffer from a horrid disease called Writer's Block (shudder).   Let's face it, you're tired, overworked, and overcommitted - but everyone is counting on you to honor and celebrate a special someone (or someones) at this momentous occasion - and you can't think of anything to say, let alone anything witty or moving!  (ACK!)  Before panic sets in, contact me.  I have the tools to pull the words out of you (it won't hurt, promise!).   (This is where poetry comes in especially handy.)  I'll turn your thoughts into a speech that will make your audience roar with laughter or fight back tears or both (at different times, of course).



Meet Cat 

The Beginning: My introduction to writing, the writing that would make me a bonafide writer, came through poetry some twenty-odd years ago.  Today, I write poetry and sometime essays - and, yes, I have a degree in these things  (MFA - Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, Poetry - from NYU).  My creative work is scattered throughout the web and in print.  (To learn more, please visit me at www.catherineespositoprescott.com)

The Path: I’ve worked as a copy editor, personal assistant, book seller, political activist, fundraiser, event organizer, organic garden founder, professor, and teaching artist.  In my life as a teacher/professor, I taught writing and literature to students from age six to sixty - most recently, on the faculty at Miami Dade College. 

No matter where I’ve been, professionally, I've always written and edited for others on the side: countless bios, briefs, resumes, mission statements, sales pitches, grants, and essays - also, website copy, brochures, and social media posts.  Also, books.  This work always finds me.

Words are my tools, my calling.  Cat’s Copy is the manifestation of this calling.

Today: Cat’s Copy is based in Miami Beach, Florida, where I live with my crazy, sweet family (notice the comma), but my work takes me everywhere.